Thoughts on Shams and Delusions of our own Brains

Our brains are our masters and we are the slaves. We fall under the spells of our brains every single day. But are those spells malicious and manipulative or beneficial? Are we falling into traps subconsciously? Are we ever truly aware of our actions? Are we doing strange things right now, at this very moment, that others see in us but we fail to see in ourselves? Are people not telling us something? The endless questions and mystery we see in our own lives probe us in a direction that we do not expect to go in otherwise. What makes us so sure of ourselves? We explore the manifestations of human existence and the delusions of our own thinking that drive our entire existence as we delve into higher order thinking.

It is a societal paradigm to shift from forming one’s thoughts based on societal standards of perfection and what is deemed “normal” to forming one’s own thoughts and thinking for oneself. Being able to think for oneself is considered attaining maturity. I believe that thinking for yourself means to not only form your own opinions based on your intuition and ignore societal standards, but being able to act upon them. An internal societal conflict among men is inaction versus action. We know things. We learn things and read books and internalize messages from the media. However, the knowledge just lies in our brain, completely idle. If I asked you this question, please answer it honestly for me: what is the point of knowledge without application? What good does idle knowledge do to you or others if it just lies in your brain? Are all those endeavors and late night studies you use to obtain knowledge completely useless if you cannot apply it to your own life or utilize it to benefit society?

Do you ever wonder if we delude ourselves into thinking that we are dumber than we really are, so when people ask us questions we don’t fully use our brains when we speak and come off as stupid because we think we are? Is this false act of stupidity an equivalent to “playing dumb”?

What about delusions in memory? Do we delude ourselves into over analyzing past situations and delude ourselves into thinking past events were worse than they really were? Do we ever overestimate our importance as individuals? Let me know what you think.


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