Women’s March

Yesterday, nearly two million people (both women and men) gathered in cities stretching across the country and extending across the globe to fight and continue the legacy that suffragettes like Elizabeth Cady Stanton initiated 169 years ago. Women’s Marches, like the ones that took place yesterday, are so inspiring. A sense of ease touches the minds of our citizens. Through opportunities akin to these, kids of this next generation will recognize and be exposed to the many good willed people of this country in the face of conflict, in the presence of a man sitting in the office who does not have a regard for women’s rights. When Trump was elected, I shall never forget the Not Our President protests that swarmed social media. When a man who is abhorred by so many gets elected, it is no surprise that a sense of fear may loom in on some Americans. But in the midst of that fear, our citizens step up with a voice. The power of our citizens prevail over the cruel beliefs of a man in office, expressing our opinions and fighting for what we believe in. The face of our nation and the definition of America is not derived from the man sitting in the Oval Office. Our citizens, the unity, the perseverance of our current citizens and our forebears, denote a much stronger and accurate representation of who we are as Americans. The bold voices and attitudes of our citizens in the face of hardship will forever represent us. The protests in the Women’s March carried out the same strength. Our country is a unified whole, and although Trump calls for unity in his speech, there is an ironic unity against him.

My generation’s voting next, Trump. We are cradling a handful of feminists here, and I can see it in the schools every day. We will continue fighting. We aren’t done and never will be. We are continuing the legacy left behind by those suffragettes who fought years ago and sustaining their efforts. They did not exist for no reason. They are not written about in history books studied by the youth today for no reason. We have a role as Americans and women in general, fighting for what we believe is right. Human rights are women’s rights. Women are not property, we own our bodies, we deserve respect, suffrage, and a quality education. All of us. Too many girls are being left behind and we need to work to pick those girls up. I commend all of those who marched yesterday. A woman with a voice is by far a strong woman, and the ability for strong women to unite is powerful enough to knock an arrogant man off of his own feet. Our Constitution, those words of the framers, reiterated that our natural rights extend to all citizens, regardless of gender or race. Is this the first time we are seeing a president coming in who does not respect just that? The man’s beliefs in the office are questionable, but the power of our civic-minded citizens and powerful youth are enough to satisfy me. A man of such arrogance will make several futile attempts to carry out his missions that apparently serve the people, whatever they may be. Our country’s voice is louder than his. Let’s keep fighting for what we want. That’s America, and the way I see it, we don’t stop fighting for what we want.


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