First blog post: Bonjour!

First blog post: Bonjour!

A growing student ready to embrace others and the simple pleasures in life that allow you to live a meaningful life. Coming out of adversity cleaner than ever, ready to keep driving through life and breaking down multiple times along the way before the road slows down and ends.
Returning home from a trip that changed my life with a strong urge to discover myself. Got a glimpse of it while looking out at the sunset in the photo on this blog homepage. And the true, genuine thoughts of my inner self, the one beneath the ego and thinker, are all written down in the posts on this blog.

I hope we can embrace this adventure together and help each other as we cruise through life. I started this blog to publish my love for writing and to reach out to others. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns. I hope the power of reading and writing can reach whole new levels of depth and enhance our ability as humans to fulfill our own lives.


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